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[too-rey-nee-uh n, tyoo-]
  1. belonging or pertaining to a group of Asian peoples or languages comprising nearly all of those that are neither Indo-European nor Semitic.
  2. Ural-Altaic.
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  1. a member of any of the peoples speaking a Turanian, especially a Ural-Altaic, language.
  2. a member of any of the Ural-Altaic peoples.
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Origin of Turanian

1770–80; < Persian Tūrān Turkestan + -ian
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Historical Examples

  • The most recent investigations show it to have been a 'Turanian' language.

    The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria

    Morris Jastrow

  • These labours disclosed the unexpected vastness of the Turanian world.

    The New World of Islam

    Lothrop Stoddard

  • These Turanian tribes, at some far remote time, must have appeared in Asia Minor.

  • Again the Turanian bow twanged, and again it was answered by a death-howl.

  • One of these is simple enough—that of the Lap line and the Turanian stock.

    Man and His Migrations

    R. G. (Robert Gordon) Latham

British Dictionary definitions for turanian


  1. a member of any of the peoples inhabiting ancient Turkestan, or their descendants
  2. another name for Ural-Altaic
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  1. of or relating to the Ural-Altaic languages or any of the peoples who speak them
  2. of or relating to Turkestan or its people
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