[tur-buh-lair-ee-uh n]
  1. belonging to the Turbellaria, a class of platyhelminths or flatworms, mostly aquatic and having cilia on the body surface.
  1. a turbellarian platyhelminth.

Origin of turbellarian

1875–80; < New Latin Turbellari(a) (Latin turbell(ae) a stir, row (plural diminutive of turba turmoil) + -āria, neuter plural of -ārius -ary) + -an
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  1. any typically aquatic free-living flatworm of the class Turbellaria, having a ciliated epidermis and a simple life cycle: includes the planarians
  1. of, relating to, or belonging to the class Turbellaria

Word Origin for turbellarian

C19: from New Latin Turbellāria, from Latin turbellae (pl) bustle, from turba brawl, referring to the swirling motion created in the water
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