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  1. the gathering of persons who come to an exhibition, party, spectacle, or the like: They had a large turnout at the meeting.
  2. quantity of production; output.
  3. an act of turning out.
  4. the manner or style in which a person or thing is equipped, dressed, etc.
  5. equipment; outfit.
  6. a short side track, space, spur, etc., that enables trains, automobiles, etc., to pass one another or park.
  7. Ballet. the turning out of the legs from the hips, with the feet back to back or heel to heel.
  8. Railroads. a track structure composed of a switch, a frog, and closure rails, permitting a train to leave a given track for a branching or parallel track.Compare crossover(def 6).

Origin of turnout

First recorded in 1680–90; noun use of verb phrase turn out
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"audience," 1816, from the verbal phrase; see turn (v.) + out (adv.).

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