[ turn-pahyk ]
/ ˈtɜrnˌpaɪk /


a high-speed highway, especially one maintained by tolls.
(formerly) a barrier set across such a highway to stop passage until a toll has been paid; tollgate.

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Origin of turnpike

1375–1425; late Middle English turnepike road barrier (in def. 1, short for turnpike road). See turn, pike2

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/ (ˈtɜːnˌpaɪk) /


(between the mid-16th and late 19th centuries)
  1. gates or some other barrier set across a road to prevent passage until a toll had been paid
  2. a road on which a turnpike was operated
an obsolete word for turnstile (def. 1)
US a motorway for use of which a toll is charged

Word Origin for turnpike

C15: from turn + pike ²

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Word Origin and History for turnpike



early 15c., "spiked road barrier used for defense," from turn + pike (n.2) "shaft." Sense transferred to "horizontal cross of timber, turning on a vertical pin" (1540s), which were used to bar horses from foot roads. This led to the sense of "barrier to stop passage until a toll is paid" (1670s). Meaning "road with a toll gate" is from 1748, shortening of turnpike road (1745).

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