[ tir-uh-nahyz ]
/ ˈtɪr əˌnaɪz /

verb (used without object), tyr·an·nized, tyr·an·niz·ing.

to exercise absolute power or control, especially cruelly or oppressively (often followed by over).
to govern despotically, cruelly, or oppressively.
to govern or reign as a tyrant.

verb (used with object), tyr·an·nized, tyr·an·niz·ing.

to rule or govern tyrannically; treat oppressively.
Also especially British, tyr·an·nise.

Origin of tyrannize

1485–95; < French tyranniser < Late Latin tyrannizāre, equivalent to tyrann(us) tyrant + -izāre -ize

Related forms

tyr·an·niz·er, nountyr·an·niz·ing·ly, adverbout·tyr·an·nize, verb (used with object), out·tyr·an·nized, out·tyr·an·niz·ing.un·tyr·an·nized, adjective
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/ (ˈtɪrəˌnaɪz) /


(when intr, often foll by over) to rule or exercise power (over) in a cruel or oppressive manner

Derived Forms

tyrannizer or tyranniser, noun
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