[yoo-bik-wi-tair-ee-uh n]Theology
  1. of or relating to the doctrine, especially as advocated by Luther, that the body of Christ is omnipresent and therefore exists in the Eucharistic bread.
  1. Also U·bi·quar·i·an [yoo-bi-kwair-ee-uh n] /ˌyu bɪˈkwɛər i ən/, U·bi·quist [yoo-bi-kwist] /ˈyu bɪ kwɪst/. a person who advocates this doctrine.

Origin of Ubiquitarian

1630–40; < New Latin ubīquit(ārius) being everywhere at once (see ubiquity, -ary) + -arian
Related formsU·biq·ui·tar·i·an·ism, noun
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  1. a member of the Lutheran church who holds that Christ is no more present in the elements of the Eucharist than elsewhere, as he is present in all places at all times
  1. denoting, relating to, or holding this belief
Derived Formsubiquitarianism, noun

Word Origin for ubiquitarian

C17: from Latin ubīque everywhere; see ubiquitous
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