[ uhl-teer-ee-er ]
/ ʌlˈtɪər i ər /


being beyond what is seen or avowed; intentionally kept concealed: ulterior motives.
coming at a subsequent time or stage; future; further: ulterior action.
lying beyond or outside of some specified or understood boundary; more remote: a suggestion ulterior to the purposes of the present discussion.

Origin of ulterior

1640–50; < Latin: farther, akin to ultrā on the far side; cf. ultra-


ul·te·ri·or·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for ulterior

/ (ʌlˈtɪərɪə) /


lying beneath or beyond what is revealed, evident, or supposedulterior motives
succeeding, subsequent, or later
lying beyond a certain line or point

Derived forms of ulterior

ulteriorly, adverb

Word Origin for ulterior

C17: from Latin: further, from ulter beyond
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