[ uhl-tuh-mit ]
/ ˈʌl tə mɪt /



Origin of ultimate

1645–55; < Late Latin ultimātus (past participle of ultimāre to come to an end), equivalent to Latin ultim(us) last, most distant (see ultima) + -ātus -ate1

Related forms

ul·ti·mate·ly, adverbul·ti·mate·ness, nounsub·ul·ti·mate, adjective

Can be confused

paramount ultimatepenultimate last ultimateultimate ultimatum
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British Dictionary definitions for ultimate


/ (ˈʌltɪmɪt) /


conclusive in a series or process; last; finalan ultimate question
the highest or most significantthe ultimate goal
elemental, fundamental, basic, or essential
most extremegenocide is the ultimate abuse of human rights
final or totalan ultimate cost of twenty million pounds


the most significant, highest, furthest, or greatest thing

Derived Forms

ultimateness, noun

Word Origin for ultimate

C17: from Late Latin ultimāre to come to an end, from Latin ultimus last, from ulter distant
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