[ uht-mohst or, esp. British, -muhst ]
/ ˈʌtˌmoʊst or, esp. British, -məst /


of the greatest or highest degree, quantity, or the like; greatest: of the utmost importance.
being at the farthest point or extremity; farthest: the utmost reef of the island.


Also uttermost. the greatest degree or amount: the utmost that can be said; The hotel provides the utmost in comfort.
the most or best of one's abilities, powers, etc.: He did his utmost to finish on time.
the extreme limit or extent: His patience was taxed to the utmost.

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Origin of utmost

before 900; Middle English utmest, Old English ūtemest. See out, -most

Can be confusedupmost uppermost utmost

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/ (ˈʌtˌməʊst) /

adjective (prenominal)

of the greatest possible degree or amountthe utmost degree
at the furthest limitthe utmost town on the peninsula


the greatest possible degree, extent, or amounthe tried his utmost

Word Origin for utmost

Old English ūtemest, from ūte out + -mest most

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Word Origin and History for utmost


Old English utmest (Anglian) "outermost," double superlative of ut "out" (see out) + -most.

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