[ uhmp-teenth ]


, Informal.
  1. of an indefinitely large number in succession:

    He was the umpteenth person to arrive.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of umpteenth1

First recorded in 1915–20; umpteen + -th 2

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Example Sentences

They prove to Logan, for the umpteenth time, that they are spoiled and ill-prepared for the brutal capitalist world that Logan rules.

From Time

For the umpteenth time, Nepomniachtchi emerged from the opening with a small attacking edge, while Carlsen battened down his hatches.

Then I went home and watched the movie for the umpteenth time, and I had that giddy “I just stood there!”

Whether I’m scrambling up loose rocks or crouching down to tie my son’s shoes for the umpteenth time, this jacket works with me, not against me.

It would have been worse than Lucy yanking away that blasted football for the umpteenth time.

In the end, Jezebel took a stand against Vogue for the umpteenth time and spent $10,000 in the process.

While watching The Ten Commandments on TV with their children for the umpteenth time, Burnett and Downey had an epiphany.

The news is the umpteenth "‎breakthrough" in HIV in the 32 years of the epidemic.

The entire vaccine debate has been stirred up for the umpteenth time this week by our national influenza epidemic.

I have been reading "Pepys' Diary" for what Mrs. Darling would call the "umpteenth" time.

But I was being whisked up the elevator to the umpteenth floor before he had the chance.

For the umpteenth time, as Mr. Ellerton would say, that man doesn't care two-pence about me, Golden.

Or maybe I did when for the umpteenth time I suggested she should marry me.


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