[ uhn-bakt ]
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  1. without backing or support.

  2. not supported by bets: an unbacked challenger.

  1. not endorsed: an unbacked product.

  2. never having been mounted by a rider, as a horse.

Origin of unbacked

First recorded in 1585–95; un-1 + backed

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How to use unbacked in a sentence

  • Such large amounts of unbacked paper could lead to but one result, a steadily increasing depreciation.

    The Colonization of North America | Herbert Eugene Bolton
  • He paid their fare at the opening in the tent and went in and sat on one of the crude, unbacked benches.

    The Cottage of Delight | Will N. Harben
  • Marie made up for lost time, for being alone now, and unbacked by sympathising friends, I was again in her power.

    The Confession of a Fool | August Strindberg
  • Reliance upon high sounding words, unbacked by deeds, is proof of a mind that dwells only in the realm of shadow and of sham.

  • His pride revolted at the idea of coming quite unbacked and disowned, as well as empty-handed, to Mr. Slocum.

    The Stillwater Tragedy | Thomas Bailey Aldrich

British Dictionary definitions for unbacked


/ (ʌnˈbækt) /

  1. (of a book, chair, etc) not having a back

  2. bereft of support, esp on a financial basis

  1. (of a horse)

    • not supported by bets

    • never having been ridden

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