[ uhn-brohk ]

  1. an obsolete variant of unbroken.

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How to use unbroke in a sentence

  • She was also the executive producer and host of an ABC primetime special, unbroke: What You Need to Know about Money.

  • "You got a stride like a unbroke yearlin'," said; Cheyenne, as Bartley unconsciously drew ahead.

    Partners of Chance | Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • He was a black Andalusian stallion of great power and strength, but he was unbroke, savage, and furious.

  • An old grizzled Westerner remarked to Hutter: "Wall, she's shore an unbroke filly."

  • The poet tells of shooting an arrow into the air and "long years afterwards in an oak he found the arrow still unbroke."

    The New North | Agnes Deans Cameron
  • An' since we ondertook ter make ther truce and ter hold it unbroke, hit's done stood unbroke!

    The Roof Tree | Charles Neville Buck