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[ uhn-buht-n ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to free (buttons) from buttonholes; unfasten or undo.
  2. to unfasten by or as if by unbuttoning:

    to unbutton a jacket.

  3. to disclose (one's feelings, thoughts, etc.) after deliberate or prolonged silence.

verb (used without object)

  1. to unfasten a button or one's buttons.


/ ʌnˈbʌtən /


  1. to undo by unfastening (the buttons) of (a garment)
  2. informal.
    to release or relax (oneself, tension, etc)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unbutton1

First recorded in 1275–1325, unbutton is from the Middle English word unbotenen. See un- 2, button

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Example Sentences

Hence, why her jeans are unbuttoned, a monkey covering the bump in her stomach.

"Excuse me, but I awoke just as you were about to unbutton your blouse," he said.

A sense of expectant fear gripped him as he lifted one of the hands to unbutton his pajamas.

"I will wait till to-morrow," said Northwick, and he began to unswathe and unbutton, but so feebly that Bird noticed.

Instead, she opened them very wide, and he had to unbutton his coat just for the sake of buttoning it up again.

Slowly and sadly Polly laid aside her hat, and began to unbutton her dainty frock.


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