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Origin of uncivilized

First recorded in 1600–10; un-1 + civilized
Related formsun·civ·i·liz·ed·ly [uhn-siv-uh-lahy-zid-lee, -lahyzd-] /ʌnˈsɪv əˌlaɪ zɪd li, -ˌlaɪzd-/, adverbun·civ·i·liz·ed·ness, noun
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  1. (of a tribe or people) not yet civilized, esp preliterate
  2. lacking culture or sophistication
Derived Formsuncivilizedly or uncivilisedly (ʌnˈsɪvɪˌlaɪzɪdlɪ), adverbuncivilizedness or uncivilisedness, noun
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Word Origin and History for uncivilized

c.1600, "barbarous," from un- (1) "not" + past participle of civilize. Uncivil in the same sense is recorded from 1550s.

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