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[ uhn-kuhn-dish-uh-nl ]


  1. not limited by conditions; absolute:

    an unconditional promise.

    Synonyms: categorical, unqualified, unreserved

  2. Mathematics. absolute ( def 12 ).


/ ˌʌnkənˈdɪʃənəl /


  1. without conditions or limitations; total

    unconditional surrender

  2. maths (of an equality) true for all values of the variable

    (x+1)>x is an unconditional equality

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Derived Forms

  • ˌunconˈditionalness, noun
  • ˌunconˈditionally, adverb

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Other Words From

  • un·con·di·tion·al·ly adverb
  • un·con·di·tion·al·ness un·con·di·tion·al·i·ty [uhn-k, uh, n-dish-, uh, -, nal, -i-tee], noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unconditional1

First recorded in 1660–70; un- 1 + conditional

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Example Sentences

Your relationship with your teen needs to exist somewhere in the middle with flexibility, compassion, boundaries and a lot of unconditional love.

The unconditional love of a mother surpasses reason, distance, time, change in appearance, sickness and disappointment.

To demonstrate unconditional support for the military, they’re pardoning and rewarding soldiers accused or convicted of war crimes.

From Ozy

So I just have been a lot more thoughtful and a lot more deliberate in my relationship in a way that I’ve never been, and that work and that focus and that release and that openness and unconditional love is already showing me rewards.

From Ozy

Its goal is to offer a safe space for each individual, to foster unconditional acceptance, and to encourage self-expression through leadership, community support, and advocacy.

To be a parent is to be able to offer truly unconditional love.

I was thrilled, because I am an unconditional Jack Nicholson fan.

As long as the warring sides receive unconditional support from their patrons, they will have no incentive to lay down arms.

But these groups don't frequently push Israel and instead offer unconditional support.

Richardson countered, says a friend, “with unconditional love, constantly protecting, praising her husband.”

I think even Dr. Hudson was dumbfounded; we had not expected unconditional surrender.

In return, I demand the unconditional use of the farm until within three months from harvest.

And indeed, Shakespeare always held that there are no unconditional prohibitions, nor unconditional duties.

And as he was marching along the marsh, envoys came from Lysinoe, offering an unconditional surrender.

Says I, Cerinthy Ann, folks ant to help themselves; theys to submit unconditional.


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