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[ uhn-kuht ]


  1. not cut.
  2. not shortened or condensed; unabridged:

    an uncut version of the play.

  3. in the original form; neither reduced in size nor given shape, as a diamond.
  4. not diluted or mixed with other substances:

    uncut heroin.

  5. Bookbinding. untrimmed ( def 2 ).
  6. Slang. not circumcised.


/ ʌnˈkʌt /


  1. (of a book) not having the edges of its pages trimmed or slit
  2. (of a gemstone) not cut and faceted
  3. not abridged or shortened

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Word History and Origins

Origin of uncut1

First recorded in 1400–50, uncut is from the late Middle English word unkyt. See un- 1, cut

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Example Sentences

The proposal was aimed at Russia, which is the world’s largest producer of diamonds by volume, turning out nearly a third of all uncut diamonds.

From Quartz

Well, that leopard-print fabric is still uncut, if that tells you anything.

And they were all viewing the uncut version, too—the one not in theaters—because of postman Guy.

But he broke it to discuss the uncut version of Nymphomaniac at the Venice Film Festival (kind of).

After 10 years, he has now completed the final step, of recording the whole work uncut.

I don't know where [US Uncut] will go, but it at least puts another discussion on the table.

Methods are not all that US Uncut has in common with the Tea Party movement.

Even after paying import duty, they were bought at a handsome price, uncut, by one of New York's leading diamond importers.

The way to prepare stencils is to leave a portion uncut, which is known as a tie, and the letter will appear as shown in Fig. 7.

Cuban women excel in charm of mannerism and in their eyes Miss Roosevelt appears unpolished and uncut.

"Yes," fanning herself briskly with the pages of an uncut magazine.

He found some two thousand volumes, and was soon absorbed in reading the titles; many of the books were still uncut.


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