/ (ˌʌndɛməˈkrætɪk) /

  1. not characterized by, derived from, or relating to the principles of democracy

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How to use undemocratic in a sentence

  • This is regarded as undemocratic for the reason that democracy has come to mean a series of elections.

    A Preface to Politics | Walter Lippmann
  • Now Bill Carmody was, by environment, undemocratic, and he resented being called a greener.

    The Promise | James B. Hendryx
  • In a democratic age he has insisted upon the undemocratic virtues of obedience, silence, and reverence.

    From Chaucer to Tennyson | Henry A. Beers
  • The relation of a man giving a tip and a man accepting it is as undemocratic as the relation of master and slave.

    The Itching Palm | William R Scott
  • None of us possessed evening suits and some of us went so far as to denounce swallowtail coats as "undemocratic."