[ uhn-der-stuhd-ee ]
/ 藞蕦n d蓹r藢st蕦d i /
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verb (used with object), un路der路stud路ied, un路der路stud路y路ing.
to learn (a role) in order to replace the regular actor or actress when necessary.
to act as understudy to (an actor or actress): to understudy the lead.
verb (used without object), un路der路stud路ied, un路der路stud路y路ing.
to act or work as an understudy.
noun, plural un路der路stud路ies.
a performer who learns the role of another in order to serve as a replacement if necessary.
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Origin of understudy

First recorded in 1870鈥75; under- + study
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How to use understudy in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for understudy

/ (藞蕦nd蓹藢st蕦d瑟) /

verb -studies, -studying or -studied
(tr) to study (a role or part) so as to be able to replace the usual actor or actress if necessary
to act as understudy to (an actor or actress)
noun plural -studies
an actor or actress who studies a part so as to be able to replace the usual actor or actress if necessary
anyone who is trained to take the place of another in case of need
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