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[ uhn-urth ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to dig or get out of the earth; dig up.
  2. to uncover or bring to light by search, inquiry, etc.:

    The lawyer unearthed new evidence.


/ ʌnˈɜːθ /


  1. to dig up out of the earth
  2. to reveal or discover, esp by exhaustive searching
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Word History and Origins

Origin of unearth1

First recorded in 1400–50, unearth is from the late Middle English word unerthen. See un- 2, earth
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Example Sentences

The earliest studies of this sort all involved very small populations, but there are now a couple that have unearthed reasons for optimism, suggesting that immunity will last at least a year, and perhaps longer.

As the two dug through sand and bones, Eriksen recalls, “We unearthed this mass of plastic.”

We tend to unearth deeply unsettling and upsetting truths, which was especially hard in a deeply unsettling and upsetting year.

Owners often rush out of competitive pressure, focusing on publicly popular candidates rather than meticulously determining what they want and unearthing coaches who fit.

All kinds of big scores have been unearthed in the woods around Amandola over the years.

From Fortune

They contain dozens of blurred out media photos that Bartiromo wants to unearth.

She will unearth more than their remains in a quest that becomes a journey of baleful discovery and painful self-discovery.

Harris is not the first to unearth this history, although no one else has done it so thoroughly.

Locals quickly joined the effort to help unearth the lumps and unveil first corners, and then entire slabs, of tombstones.

To unearth what you need, put a minus sign in front of any terms you want excluded from your search.

He also managed to unearth his father's old writing-desk, and had it set up in its old place in the "office."

To dig up de profundis a shoehorn that you need is a more remarkable achievement than to unearth a new Pompeii.

Its nice to unearth a reserve fund of silk stockings under a sofa pillow.

If Thorpe were really innocent, he would welcome the clever sleuthing that would be likely to unearth the truth.

Jenkins, go around back and see if you can unearth the butler.





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