[ uhn-fuhk-ing-bi-lee-vuh-buhl, -in- ]

  1. so remarkable as to strain credulity; outrageous: I would say his excuses are unfuckingbelievable, but I’m not even remotely surprised.

  2. extraordinarily good or shockingly bad: The tacos are so delicious and the salsas are unfuckingbelievble.The nerve of this guy—he’s unfuckingbelievable.

Origin of unfuckingbelievable

First recorded in 1995–2000; by tmesis, i.e., the interpolation of a word, here fucking, between the parts of another word, here un-believable
  • Also un·fuck·in·be·liev·a·ble [uhn-fuhk-in-bi-lee-vuh-buhl], /ˈʌnˌfʌk ɪn bɪˈli və bəl/, un·frick·in·be·liev·a·ble [uhn-frik-in-bi-lee-vuh-buhl] /ˈʌnˌfrɪk ɪn bɪˈli və bəl/ .

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