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[uhng-gwik-ye-lit, -leyt]
adjective Also un·guic·u·lat·ed.
  1. bearing or resembling a nail or claw.
  2. Zoology. belonging or pertaining to the former superorder Unguiculata, comprising mammals having nails or claws, as distinguished from hoofs.
  3. Botany. having a clawlike base, as certain petals.
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  1. an unguiculate animal.
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Origin of unguiculate

1795–1805; < New Latin unguiculātus, equivalent to Latin unguicul(us) fingernail (ungu(is) (see unguis) + -i- -i- + -culus -cule1) + -ātus -ate1
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  1. (of mammals) having claws or nails
  2. (of petals) having a clawlike base
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  1. an unguiculate mammal
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Word Origin

C19: from New Latin unguiculātus, from Latin unguiculus, diminutive of unguis nail, claw
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