/ (ˌʌnɪmˈpiːdɪd) /

  1. not impeded; unhindered

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How to use unimpeded in a sentence

  • But after reviewing the handiwork of Whisper Ross—who had ambled off unimpeded—Lamb saw no reason why he should not do the same.

  • For some moments the progress of the boat was unimpeded, but suddenly the preceptor called: "Hold oars!"

  • Man has one right only, to be free from obstacles that prevent the unimpeded fulfilment of his duties.

    The Life of Mazzini | Bolton King
  • The event was made the occasion of rowdyism unimpeded by any surveillance on the part of the government authorities.

    The War Upon Religion | Rev. Francis A. Cunningham
  • The unimpeded breath takes on a particular color or quality in accordance with the varying shape of the oral resonance chamber.

    Language | Edward Sapir