[uhn-lur-nid for 1, 2, 5; uhn-lurnd for 3, 4]


not learned; not scholarly or erudite.
uneducated; untaught; unschooled; ignorant.
not acquired by instruction, study, etc.
known without being learned.
of or relating to uneducated persons.

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Origin of unlearned

First recorded in 1350–1400, unlearned is from the Middle English word unlerned. See un-1, learned

Related formsun·learn·ed·ly, adverb



verb (used with object)

to forget or lose knowledge of.
to discard or put aside certain knowledge as being false or binding: to unlearn preconceptions.

verb (used without object)

to lose or discard knowledge.

Origin of unlearn

First recorded in 1400–50, unlearn is from the late Middle English word unlernen. See un-2, learn

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ignorant or untaught
Derived Formsunlearnedly, adverb


verb -learns, -learning, -learned (-ˈlɜːnd) or -learnt

to try to forget (something learnt) or to discard (accumulated knowledge)
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