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[ uhn-mahrkt ]


  1. not marked.
  2. Linguistics.
    1. characterized by the absence of a distinctive phonological feature, as (p), which, in contrast to (b), lacks the distinctive feature of voicing.
    2. characterized by the absence of a grammatical marker, as the singular in English in contrast to the plural, which is typically marked marked mark by an -s ending.
    3. neutral with regard to an element of meaning specified by a semantically related item.
    4. occurring more typically than an alternative form. Compare marked ( def 4 ).


/ ʌnˈmɑːkt /


  1. not carrying a mark or marks

    an unmarked police car

  2. not noticed or observed

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unmarked1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; un- 1, marked

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Example Sentences

A cemetery is a good place to study names, since unless you have the misfortune of being buried in an unmarked grave, your name is displayed prominently six feet above you.

Surrounded by fields, unmarked on maps, it looks like a tiny jail north of the Penn State campus.

That may not strike you as an imminent threat, but federal police disappearing protestors into unmarked vans probably didn’t either, until a couple months ago.

She was moved to act after watching a video of federal officers putting protesters into an unmarked van just eight miles from where she lives.

From Fortune

Plainclothes officers waiting in an unmarked car later this night arrested Szutowicz while she was still among the crowd of 50 people.

Senhor José remains stationary, but this lengthy series of clauses propels the reader along an unmarked path.

They pulled up in unmarked cars and on motorcycles, appearing en masse out of the darkness.

On Tuesday, the group witnessed a convoy of 43 unmarked green military trucks with tarpaulin covers moving towards Donetsk.

The Lana Del Rey of Born to Die and Ultraviolence never lets her sexual orientation pass by unmarked.

I have walked through the boat junkyards and cemeteries with unmarked graves in Lampedusa many times.

There are sign-boards at nearly every crossing; only in some of the more retired districts did we find the crossroads unmarked.

The unmarked e represents the French é, as the e mute is unknown to the Provençal.

Happy it was beyond any other time, except perhaps a few vernal days of boyhood, but it was unmarked by any incidents.

Nearly three years passed quietly, and unmarked by anything which I can recall to my memory.

None of these first undertones of the spring symphony went unmarked by Doris Cleveland.