[ uhn-red-ee ]
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  1. not ready; not made ready: The new stadium is as yet unready for use.

  2. not in a state of readiness; unprepared: emotionally unready for success.

  1. lacking in presence of mind, as when a quick decision or a sharp answer is required: Awkward situations often found him unready.

  2. British Dialect. not dressed.

  3. not prompt or quick.

Origin of unready

First recorded in 1250–1300, unready is from the Middle English word unredy.See un-1, ready

Other words from unready

  • un·read·i·ness, noun

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How to use unready in a sentence

  • It is no doubt this unreadiness that causes little children to like twice-told tales and foregone conclusions in their games.

    Ceres' Runaway | Alice Meynell
  • The tendency to repeat answers probably arises at first from a mental unreadiness on the part of the teacher.

    The Recitation | George Herbert Betts
  • The public waked up to the sufficiently obvious fact that the Government was in its usual state—perennial unreadiness for war.

    Theodore Roosevelt | Theodore Roosevelt
  • His thick hair and scraggy neck gave witness of unreadiness and through his misty glasses weak eyes looked up pleading.

    Ulysses | James Joyce
  • It is a servant to unworthy inertia; and worse, it is a cloak to mental unreadiness and to conscious moral cowardice.

    The Story of the Mind | James Mark Baldwin

British Dictionary definitions for unready


/ (ʌnˈrɛdɪ) /

  1. not ready or prepared

  2. slow or hesitant to see or act

  1. archaic not dressed

Derived forms of unready

  • unreadily, adverb
  • unreadiness, noun

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