[ uhn-skram-buh l ]
/ ʌnˈskræm bəl /

verb (used with object), un·scram·bled, un·scram·bling.

to bring out of a scrambled condition; reduce to order or intelligibility.
Also descramble. to make (a scrambled radio or telephonic message) comprehensible by systematically tuning the receiver to the frequencies used in transmission.Compare decode(def 2).

Origin of unscramble

First recorded in 1915–20; un-2 + scramble
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British Dictionary definitions for unscramble

/ (ʌnˈskræmbəl) /

verb (tr)

to resolve from confusion or disorderliness
to restore (a scrambled message) to an intelligible form

Derived forms of unscramble

unscrambler, noun
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