[ uhn-skroo-pyuh-luhs ]
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  1. not scrupulous; unrestrained by scruples; conscienceless; unprincipled.

Origin of unscrupulous

First recorded in 1795–1805; un-1 + scrupulous

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Unscrupulous, unprincipled refer to lack of moral standards or conscience to guide one's conduct. An unscrupulous person is without scruples of conscience, and disregards, or has contempt for, laws of right or justice with which they are perfectly well acquainted, and which should restrain their actions: Methods of making money that are unscrupulous often involve taking advantage of the unfortunate. An unprincipled person is without moral principles or ethical standards in their conduct or actions: He's an unprincipled rogue; Her unprincipled conduct got her dismissed from the job.

Other words from unscrupulous

  • un·scru·pu·lous·ly, adverb
  • un·scru·pu·lous·ness, un·scru·pu·los·i·ty [uhn-skroo-pyuh-los-i-tee], /ʌnˌskru pyəˈlɒs ɪ ti/, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for unscrupulous


/ (ʌnˈskruːpjʊləs) /

  1. without scruples; unprincipled

Derived forms of unscrupulous

  • unscrupulously, adverb
  • unscrupulousness or unscrupulosity (ʌnˌskruːpjʊˈlɒsɪtɪ), noun

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