[ uhn-shey-puhn ]

  1. not shaped or definitely formed; shapeless; formless; indefinite.

  2. not shapely; unpleasing in shape; ill-formed.

  1. misshapen or deformed.

Origin of unshapen

1300–50; Middle English; Old English unsceapen.See un-1, shape, -en3

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How to use unshapen in a sentence

  • Sometimes, however, his thoughts are unshapen, and as it were rough-hewn and rugged.

    On the Sublime | Longinus
  • In you is drained Ambition's heart,—my every burning aim Fails here in you, and cools unforged, unshapen.

    The Mortal Gods and Other Plays | Olive Tilford Dargan
  • An unshapen thought presents itself to me, I look at it, and I do all in my power to give it body and expression, but I cannot.

  • It cannot be denied that he leaves imbedded in his fabric lumps of unshapen material, which mar the symmetry of his art.

  • They were rough and unshapen externally, as when hewn down in their native forest, and appeared to have been split open.

British Dictionary definitions for unshapen


/ (ʌnˈʃeɪpən) /

  1. having no definite shape; shapeless

  2. deformed; misshapen

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