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[ uhn-shel-terd ]


  1. not protected or shielded, as from storms or missiles, by a wall, roof, barrier, dense vegetative cover, or the like: The beach is unsheltered from northern winds and gets big waves in late summer.

    Eastside residents now face a steep climb uphill to an unsheltered bus stop if they want to use public transportation.

    The beach is unsheltered from northern winds and gets big waves in late summer.

  2. being without a house or lacking permanent housing; houseless; homeless:

    Veterans experiencing homelessness were more likely to be classified as unsheltered—living in cars, public parks, or under highway overpasses.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unsheltered1

First recorded in 1590–1600; un- 1( def ) + sheltered ( def )

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Example Sentences

Authorities are struggling to provide blankets, medicine and food to the unsheltered exposed to these nasty conditions.

Other adjectives used as nouns are blete, l. 57, unsheltered place; woe ll.

In this unsheltered land, where coal was high and doctors far away, winter was a dreaded enemy.

But what irony, that this seductive valley should be the approach to the most bare and unsheltered country in Asia!

Right at the end of this rock stood my friend's house, comfortable and solid-looking, but unsheltered by a single tree.

There followed a meagre breakfast cooked on an unsheltered field kitchen in the dark, and often in the rain.