[ uhn-tahym-lee ]
/ ʌnˈtaɪm li /

adjective, un·time·li·er, un·time·li·est.

not timely; not occurring at a suitable time or season; ill-timed or inopportune: An untimely downpour stopped the game.
happening too soon or too early; premature: his untimely demise.


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Origin of untimely

First recorded in 1150–1200, untimely is from the Middle English word untimliche. See un-1, timely


un·time·li·ness, noun
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Examples from the Web for untimeliness

  • Most certainly, the results of the carrying out of that project were such as to prove all that they claimed of its untimeliness.

    Glimpses of Three Coasts|Helen Hunt Jackson
  • They hold their jubilees in weeds rather; and the untimeliness of genius is the tragedy of life as of letters.

    Tablets|Amos Bronson Alcott
  • At the tone of this question Mrs. Skene suddenly realized the untimeliness of her complaints.

    Cashel Byron's Profession|George Bernard Shaw

British Dictionary definitions for untimeliness

/ (ʌnˈtaɪmlɪ) /


occurring before the expected, normal, or proper timean untimely death
inappropriate to the occasion, time, or seasonhis joking at the funeral was most untimely


prematurely or inopportunely

Derived forms of untimely

untimeliness, noun
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Idioms and Phrases with untimeliness


see come to an (untimely) end.

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