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[ draw-bak ]


  1. a hindrance or disadvantage; an undesirable or objectionable feature.
  2. Commerce. an amount paid back from a charge made.
  3. Government. a refund of tariff or other tax, as when imported goods are reexported.


/ ˈdrɔːˌbæk /


  1. a disadvantage or hindrance
  2. a refund of customs or excise duty paid on goods that are being exported or used in the production of manufactured exports


  1. to retreat; move backwards
  2. to turn aside from an undertaking

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Word History and Origins

Origin of drawback1

First recorded in 1610–20; noun use of verb phrase draw back

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Example Sentences

Other tech visionaries are toying with ways to revitalize publishing on the open web as a means for content creators to retain independence and control and users to escape the drawbacks of today's giant platforms.

From Axios

The app’s major drawback is that you have to pay for it, but this allows its developers to sustain the platform without ads or data-harvesting.

One of the drawbacks of these models is that performance can falter a bit as the bag gets fuller.

Though social media has its drawbacks, it enables these products and concepts to reach a wider audience.

The problem, he says, is that forecasting comes in two main categories, and both suffer from substantial drawbacks.

From Fortune

The drawback was that the terrain in front of Bradley made success very costly.

There could be business drawback on investment in the country.

Larry King, for one, said his successor also suffered from a completely different drawback.

However, there is a major drawback: You have to remember it.

Another drawback: These plants are huge, which can cause all sorts of problems.

The chief drawback is the want of knowledge and appliances for the proper curing of the leaf.

There is no wood of any size to be procured among the islands, which is a great drawback upon its utility as a port.

The two financial privileges enjoyed by the Press were the 'drawback' of 1d a lb.

The only drawback was the Toby dog's developing a tendency to howl in the wrong place.

The only drawback was that eating them produced great thirst, which is much more difficult to bear than hunger.





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