/ (ʌnˈwɒrəntɪd) /
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lacking justification or authorization
another word for unwarrantable
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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What does unwarranted mean?

Unwarranted describes something that is not justified or not authorized, as in The government reading citizens’ emails is an unwarranted invasion of privacy. 

Unwarranted is also used to mean that something exists without reason, as in His fear of being attacked by an army of killer mosquitos was unwarranted. 

Unwarranted is another word for unwarrantable, which means something is inexcusable or unreasonable.

Example: Crystal tried to relieve her son’s unwarranted stress about alien invasions caused by the scary movie.

Where does unwarranted come from?

The first records of unwarranted come from around 1577. It combines the prefix un-, meaning “not,” with the word warrant, meaning “to authorize” or “to give good reason for.” If something is unwarranted, it is “not warranted.” It lacks authority or a good reason.

Unwarranted is often used to describe something that is considered illogical or based on poor reasoning.

It’s also used to label something as being illegal or unjustifiable that a person has no power or excusable reason to do. Someone might defend a seemingly extreme or bizarre decision or action as being “not unwarranted,” as in I assure you that my fears of a humongous earthquake are not unwarranted.     

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How is unwarranted used in real life?

Unwarranted is often used to describe something of being inexcusable or lacking a legal justification. It is also used more generally to mean something lacks a logical explanation or reason behind it.



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A. unneeded
B. unjustifiable
C. unwanted
D. unclear

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