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[ uhp-lif-tid ]


  1. improved, as in mood or spirit.
  2. raised or elevated, as a beam.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of uplifted1

1250–1300; Middle English: originally, past participle of uplift

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Example Sentences

A multi-sensory experience, guests will hear the words of FDR, hold a piece of American mythology and taste a flavor that uplifted downtrodden Americans during the Great Depression.

She kind of said some words — it kind of got me uplifted, got me going.

We have to keep each other uplifted and realize that it will take us all to join together and hold each other up.

We need to feel encouraged and uplifted, this is essential to the human spirit.

From Quartz

Most nights, Ryan Lisa is the last person to leave the church, locking the doors and leaving feeling uplifted — “thinking of the next time I’m going to do the show.”

But these are not times when we need to be uplifted and showered with haughty rhetoric.

She was holding the back of her chair with one hand; her loose sleeve had slipped almost to the shoulder of her uplifted arm.

There is more of the uplifted forefinger and the reiterated point than I should have allowed myself in an essay.

Mrs. Highcamp remained, as usual, unmoved, with her indifferent stare and uplifted eyebrows.

With one hand Honey-Bee held the uplifted skirt and with the other she offered the woman a gold piece.

From a distance came the divine notes of the diva uplifted in some passionate love song.