[ uhp-er-kuht ]
/ ˈʌp ərˌkʌt /


a swinging blow directed upward, as to an adversary's chin.
Bridge. a play of a higher trump than necessary knowing it can be overtrumped by an opponent but that if overtrumped, one or more trump winners in the hand of one's partner will be established.

verb (used with object), up·per·cut, up·per·cut·ting.

to strike (an opponent) with an uppercut.

verb (used without object), up·per·cut, up·per·cut·ting.

to deliver an uppercut.
Bridge. to make an uppercut.

Origin of uppercut

First recorded in 1840–50; upper1 + cut
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/ (ˈʌpəˌkʌt) /


a short swinging upward blow with the fist delivered at an opponent's chin

verb -cuts, -cutting or -cut

to hit (an opponent) with an uppercut
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