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upward mobility


  1. sociol the movement of an individual, social group, or class to a position of increased status or power Compare downward mobility See also horizontal mobility vertical mobility

upward mobility

  1. Rising from a lower to a higher social class or status . ( See also social mobility .)

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Example Sentences

Their clear priorities : faster economic growth and promoting upward mobility for the middle and working classes.

Constitutional arguments aside, there do seem to be some better ways to create conditions for upward mobility among newcomers.

This suggests that the issue of restoring upward mobility has more widespread resonance than a more narrow race-based approach.

This reaffirmed previous work by the Progressive Policy Institute arguing that car ownership plants the seeds for upward mobility.

And comes to believe not only in love but in upward mobility and being legitimate and leaving this life of crime far behind.

Many of its top citizenry had reached their positions by hard work applied to opportunities for upward mobility.


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