[ yoo-ser-pey-shuhn, -zer- ]
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  1. an act of usurping; wrongful or illegal encroachment, infringement, or seizure.

  2. illegal seizure and occupation of a throne.

Origin of usurpation

First recorded in1350–1400; Middle English, from Latin ūsūrpātiōn-, stem of ūsūrpātiō “a seizing for use,” equivalent to ūsūrpāt(us) “seized for use” (past participle of ūsūrpāre; see usurp) + -iō -ion

Other words from usurpation

  • u·sur·pa·tive [yoo-sur-puh-tiv, ‐zur‐], /yuˈsɜr pə tɪv, ‐ˈzɜr‐/, u·sur·pa·to·ry [yoo-sur-puh-tawr-ee, ‐tohr-ee, ‐zur‐], /yuˈsɜr pəˌtɔr i, ‐ˌtoʊr i, ‐ˈzɜr‐/, adjective

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