[ fah-doots ]
/ fɑˈduts /


a city in and the capital of Liechtenstein, on the upper Rhine.

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[ lik-tuh n-stahyn; German likh-tuh n-shtahyn ]
/ ˈlɪk tənˌstaɪn; German ˈlɪx tənˌʃtaɪn /


a small principality in central Europe between Austria and Switzerland: economically linked with Switzerland. 65 sq. mi. (168 sq. km). Capital: Vaduz.

Related forms

Liech·ten·stein·er, noun

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  • The Rhine, on the contrary, had the option of running down by Vaduz to Rheinach, and has adopted this course.

    The Beauties of Nature|Sir John Lubbock

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/ (German faˈdʊts) /


the capital of Liechtenstein, in the Rhine valley: an old market town, dominated by a medieval castle, residence of the prince of Liechtenstein. Pop: 5005 (2003 est)

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/ (ˈlɪktənˌstaɪn, German ˈlɪçtənʃtain) /


a small mountainous principality in central Europe on the Rhine: formed in 1719 by the uniting of the lordships of Schellenburg and Vaduz, which had been purchased by the Austrian family of Liechtenstein; customs union formed with Switzerland in 1924. Official language: German. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: Swiss franc. Capital: Vaduz. Pop: 37 009 (2003 est). Area: 160 sq km (62 sq miles)
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(lik-tuhn-steyen, likh-tuhn-shteyen) Constitutional monarchy in west-central Europe, located in the Alps between Austria and Switzerland. Its capital and largest city is Vaduz.


Not quite as large as Washington, D.C., Liechtenstein is one of the smallest European countries.
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