[ va-ley, val-it, val-ey ]
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  1. a male servant who attends to the personal needs of his male employer, as by taking care of clothing or the like; manservant.

  2. a man who is employed for cleaning and pressing, laundering, and similar services for patrons of a hotel, passengers on a ship, etc.

  1. an attendant who parks cars for patrons at a hotel, restaurant, etc.

  2. a stand or rack for holding coats, hats, etc.

verb (used with or without object),val·et·ed, val·et·ing.
  1. to serve as a valet.

Origin of valet

1560–70; <French; Middle French va(s)let squire, equivalent to vas- (<Medieval Latin vassus servant) + -let-let; see vassal

Other words from valet

  • val·et·less, adjective
  • un·val·et·ed, adjective

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/ (ˈvælɪt, ˈvæleɪ) /

  1. a manservant who acts as personal attendant to his employer, looking after his clothing, serving his meals, etc: French name: valet de chambre

  2. a manservant who attends to the requirements of patrons in a hotel, passengers on board ship, etc; steward

verb-ets, -eting or -eted
  1. to act as a valet for (a person)

  2. (tr) to clean the bodywork and interior of (a car) as a professional service

Origin of valet

C16: from Old French vaslet page, from Medieval Latin vassus servant; see vassal

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