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[ val-uh-rahy-zey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of maintaining the price of something, usually through government action:

    Price valorization measures shall be applied only under specific circumstances.

  2. the act or process of giving, assigning, or enhancing value:

    These new products may help enable the use, exploitation, and valorization of a wealth of ocean resources.

    The author calls out our society’s valorization of the four-year college degree to the exclusion of other career paths.

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Example Sentences

This isn’t a movie, but saying so doesn’t end the problem that social media valorizes easy comparisons and a lack of nuance.

From Vox

In 1908, Brazil's valorization-of-coffee enterprise was saved from disaster by a combination of bankers and the Brazil Government.

He proved his kingship by his masterful handling of valorization three years later.

The principle of valorization is generally conceded to be economically unsound, because it encourages overproduction.

It effectively killed all future valorization schemes in so far as direct participation by this country is concerned.

Because of the lessons learned in this experience, Brazil's subsequent valorization enterprises have run more smoothly.


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