[vair-ee-uh nt]


tending to change or alter; exhibiting variety or diversity; varying: variant shades of color.
not agreeing or conforming; differing, especially from something of the same general kind.
not definitive, as a version of part of a text; different; alternative: a variant reading.
not universally accepted.


a person or thing that varies.
a different spelling, pronunciation, or form of the same word: “Vehemency” is a variant of “vehemence.”

Origin of variant

1325–75; Middle English < Latin variant-, stem of variāns, present participle of variāre to vary; see -ant
Related formsnon·var·i·ant, adjective, nounun·var·i·ant, adjective
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  • A Prime can be negated, while on the other hand a variant can shift from possible to Logical to Prime.

  • The Italian and German techniques were often pursued in variant styles.

  • But fortune is so variant, and the wheel so movable, there is no constant abiding.

  • In the variant of the story in No. 38, the comrades are the hero Martin, a smith, and a tailor.

    Russian Fairy Tales

    W. R. S. Ralston

  • The variant spellings of Bulloign, Bulloigne and Bullogne have been retained.

British Dictionary definitions for variant



liable to or displaying variation
differing from a standard or typea variant spelling
obsolete not constant; fickle


something that differs from a standard or type
statistics another word for variate (def. 1)

Word Origin for variant

C14: via Old French from Latin variāns, from variāre to diversify, from varius various
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Word Origin and History for variant

late 14c., from Old French variant, from Latin variantem (nominative varians), present participle of variare "to change" (see vary).


1848, from variant (adj.).

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Medicine definitions for variant


[vârē-ənt, văr-]


Having or exhibiting variation; differing.
Tending or liable to vary; variable.
Deviating from a standard, usually by only a slight difference.


Something that differs in form only slightly from something else.
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