[ vair-ee-it, -eyt ]
/ ˈvɛər i ɪt, -ˌeɪt /
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Statistics. random variable.
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Origin of variate

First recorded in 1810–20; from Latin variātus, past participle of variāre “to vary”; see vary, -ate1
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What is a variate?

In statistics, a variate is any random variable in an expression or equation.

A variate, also known as a random variable, is a way to map outcomes of random processes into quantifiable data, as in Because the study used two variates, finding conclusions was much more difficult.

Variate is also a synonym for variant, meaning someone or something that varies, as in Omicron is a variate of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Example: What is the probability (P) that the variate (X) will be less than or equal to five?

Where does variate come from?

The first records of the term variate come from around the 1810s. It ultimately comes from the Latin variāre, meaning “to vary.”

A simple variate would be quantifying the result of flipping a coin. This would be written as “X = number of heads after two coin flips.” This variate can then be inserted into various functions and math equations, often to demonstrate randomness in probability.

Variate is sometimes mistakenly used as a synonym for vary, especially on social media.

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How is variate used in real life?

Variate is almost always used in statistics and other mathematical disciplines that involve data analysis or probability. It is sometimes used as a synonym for variant.


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Calculus is the field of mathematics that is most concerned with the use of variates.

British Dictionary definitions for variate

/ (ˈvɛərɪɪt) /

statistics a random variable or a numerical value taken by it
a less common word for variant (def. 4)

Word Origin for variate

C16: from Latin variāre to vary
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