[ vej ]


, Chiefly British.
, plural veg, veg·es.

verb (used without object)

, Slang.
, vegged, veg·ging.
  1. to relax in a mindless way (usually followed by out ):

    We vegged out all weekend, watching the soccer channel and ordering pizza.

    Tonight I'll go home and veg with a good book.


/ vɛdʒ /


  1. informal.
    a vegetable or vegetables

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Word History and Origins

Origin of veg1

First recorded in 1940–45; by shortening

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Example Sentences

Consuming five servings of fruits and veg every day translates to a 13% lower risk of early death.

From Ozy

The labor-intensive process led to a tasty veg shawarma, but “it just wasn’t realistic, and there was no way to do it at volume,” Friedman says.

For most companies, the biggest impact they could have on sustainability would be to adopt veg policies in the workplace and get buy-in from their team.

From Digiday

That’s when I started to get really interested in growing big veg.

From Eater

Occasionally I’ll cook a meal, more in the winter — I do fabulous slow-cooked meals with lots of veg.

From Eater

Big Veg Mark Bittman, The New York Times Magazine Yes, healthy fast food is possible.

The steak—served on a dish without veg or potato—is legendary in London.

I cook a complete meal from scratch (protein, carb, veg, and a salad) five nights a week.

I recommend the Kobe beef skewers, fresh shrimp, and any type of veg.

"I don't like these veg'table people," said the little girl.

Fr allt sama veg sem fyrr; egar at haustai, tku at vaxa reimleikar.

Sndiz honum hvers kyns skrpi; ok at er haft san fyrir ortœki, at eim lji Glmr augna er gefi glmsni, er mjǫk sniz annan veg, en er.

Synergia is claimed to be composed of pepsin, pancreatin, veg.

The v-v-veg—'The vegetable kingdom,' says the bright-faced little girl on the back seat.


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