[ vej-i-tair-ee-uh-niz-uhm ]


  1. the beliefs or practices of a vegetarian.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of vegetarianism1

First recorded in 1850–55; vegetarian + -ism
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Example Sentences

Vegetarianism and veganism soon followed, as did stints at animal-rehabilitation centers.

Veganism tied for 17th, while vegetarianism snagged a three-way tie for ninth.

But this is your music becoming songs about vegetarianism, songs about sexual...

Continues her family's crusade on fashion, with a segment on McCartney's vegetarianism.

And surveys show that the prevalence of vegetarianism among eating-disorder patients is higher than in the general population.

“In most of our patients, the vegetarianism is in the service of the eating disorder,” she said.

Hungry Beast caught up with Deborah to talk about Buddhism, vegetarianism, and what she eats when she eats alone.

The conversation had come, by some devious route, to Vegetarianism; and the clergyman was disapproving of it.

Along with some of his master's eccentricities, such as vegetarianism, he had imbibed much of his independence and noble honor.

But the English have developed a passion for vegetarianism, here again reacting from one intemperance to the opposed intemperance.

Vegetarianism has been the object of many attacks, and has also been warmly defended.

Borrow refers to his patron's vegetarianism, and on this point we have an amusing story from his own pen!