[ vee-hik-yuh-ler ]


  1. of, relating to, or for vehicles:

    a vehicular tunnel.

  2. serving as a vehicle.
  3. caused by a vehicle; attributed or attributable to vehicles:

    vehicular homicide.

  4. carried on or transported by means of a vehicle:

    vehicular recording units.

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Other Words From

  • nonve·hicu·lar adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of vehicular1

From the Late Latin word vehiculāris, dating back to 1610–20. See vehicle, -ar 1

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Example Sentences

Unlike a house during lockdown, a vehicular cocoon is mobile, and it has a destination—away.

Traffic controls deployed across America today are becoming increasingly responsive to dynamic conditions in order to better manage vehicular congestion.

That said, adding vehicular capability, either by purchasing a 4x4 or making modifications to a car, can open up significant new travel possibilities, add a margin for safety, and give you more confidence in variable weather.

The unique selling point of RotoPax isn’t the containers themselves, but rather the unique screw-action mount, which means you can bolt them onto virtually any vehicular surface with complete security.

“This will help in encouraging fuel-efficient, environment-friendly vehicles, thereby reducing vehicular pollution and oil import bill,” she added.

From Quartz

Uber severed ties with him, and on Monday he was charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide.

They employ an individual that not only has a serious drug problem; he was convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

And the laws closing those few wild areas to motor vehicle or ATV use: Most public lands are far too open to vehicular use.

An infographic released by Sohu Business points to the obvious culprits: industrial emissions, coal, and vehicular exhaust.

There was brisk vehicular traffic all along the road, and most of it German.

He mounted the seat, on his first essay alone, with the jauntiness becoming a master of vehicular propulsion.

There is practically no vehicular traffic—only the steady dense streams of human beings of all sorts, all on a human footing.

The whole city is given up to the pasos, vehicular traffic is stopped, all business ceases.

Tennessee revenue agents suddenly had evinced an unfriendly curiosity touching on vehicular movements from the Kentucky side.

The mulish vehicular display does not end the tale of Denry's splendour.