[ vahys-reyn ]

  1. the wife of a viceroy.

Origin of vicereine

1815–25; <French, equivalent to vice-vice- + reine queen <Latin rēgīna (rēg-, stem of rēx king + -īna feminine noun suffix)

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How to use vicereine in a sentence

  • Nor was the vicereine unequal to the position of power, splendour, and intrigue to which she had climbed with such difficulty.

    Court Beauties of Old Whitehall | W. R. H. Trowbridge
  • This was due to the Countess of Chinchon, vicereine of Peru.

    Woman in Science | John Augustine Zahm
  • But Gigi's stalwart Carolina Maddalena continued to rule as vicereine in the kitchen.

    The Cardinal's Snuff-Box | Henry Harland
  • The vicereine probably has a life-history very similar to that of its northern cousin.

    Butterflies Worth Knowing | Clarence M. Weed

British Dictionary definitions for vicereine


/ (ˌvaɪsˈreɪn) /

  1. the wife of a viceroy

  2. a female viceroy

Origin of vicereine

C19: from French, from vice ³ + reine queen, from Latin rēgīna

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