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[ vur-jin ]


  1. a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
  2. an unmarried girl or woman.

    Synonyms: maiden, maid

  3. Ecclesiastical. an unmarried, religious woman, especially a saint.
  4. the Virgin, Mary, the mother of Christ.
  5. Informal. any person who is uninitiated, uninformed, or the like:

    He's still a virgin as far as hard work is concerned.

  6. a female animal that has never copulated.
  7. an unfertilized insect.
  8. Virgin, Astronomy, Astrology. the constellation or sign of Virgo.


  1. being a virgin:

    a virgin martyr.

  2. of, relating to, or characteristic of a virgin:

    virgin modesty.

  3. pure; unsullied; undefiled:

    virgin snow.

    Synonyms: chaste

    Antonyms: defiled

  4. the senator's virgin speech.

  5. without admixture, alloy, or modification:

    virgin gold.

    Synonyms: unadulterated, unalloyed

    Antonyms: impure

  6. not previously exploited, cultivated, tapped, or used: virgin wool.

    virgin timberlands;

    virgin wool.

    Synonyms: untouched, pristine, new

  7. without experience of; not previously exposed to:

    a mind virgin to such sorrows.

  8. Informal. being a mixed drink resembling a specific cocktail but made without any alcoholic ingredient:

    a virgin piña colada.

  9. Zoology. not fertilized.
  10. (of a metal) made directly from ore by smelting, rather than from scrap.
  11. noting the oil obtained, as from olives, by the first pressing without the application of heat.



/ ˈvɜːdʒɪn /


  1. the Virgin
    the Virgin the constellation Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac



/ ˈvɜːdʒɪn /


  1. a person, esp a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse
  2. an unmarried woman who has taken a religious vow of chastity in order to dedicate herself totally to God
  3. any female animal that has never mated
  4. a female insect that produces offspring by parthenogenesis
  5. a person who is new to or inexperienced in a specified field

    a political virgin


  1. of, relating to, resembling, suitable for, or characteristic of a virgin or virgins; chaste
  2. pure and natural, uncorrupted, unsullied, or untouched

    virgin purity

  3. not yet cultivated, explored, exploited, etc, by man

    virgin territories

  4. being the first or happening for the first time
  5. (of vegetable oils) obtained directly by the first pressing of fruits, leaves, or seeds of plants without applying heat
  6. (of a metal) made from an ore rather than from scrap
  7. occurring naturally in a pure and uncombined form

    virgin silver

  8. physics (of a neutron) not having experienced a collision



/ ˈvɜːdʒɪn /


  1. the Virgin
    the Virgin See Virgin Mary
  2. a statue or other artistic representation of the Virgin Mary

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  • un·virgin adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of virgin1

First recorded in 1150–1200; Middle English virgine, from Anglo-French, Old French, from Latin virgin-, stem of virgō “maiden, virgin”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of virgin1

C13: from Old French virgine, from Latin virgō virgin

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Example Sentences

The company will ship cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil directly to your door, along with information about the grove and farmer.

Because the protected areas are off-limits to the wide-scale clearing that has created lucrative palm oil plantations across Borneo, villagers often cut and sell the virgin trees.

He drove us out to the convention the following night, cracking wise about virgins and nerds.

In the 1950s and 1960s, only a quarter of men and less than half of women were virgins at age 19.

From Ozy

Investment in new technologies goes up, but investment in virgin production and conversion are sharply reduced.

From Vox

The virgin birth is mentioned in the...what...gasp...Koran?!

And Pope Alexander VI had the painter Pinturicchio disguise his mistress as the Virgin Mary in one fresco.

Are we going to see you on a Virgin Galactic or SpaceX flight in the future?

It has now been revealed that Princess Beatrice will not be among those who will ultimately voyage with Virgin Galactic.

Her long-term boyfriend Dave Clark is head of ‘astronaut relations’ for Virgin Galactic.

The Authorised Version has: “And as a mother shall she meet him, and receive him as a wife married of a virgin.”

I was thinking of any thing but the Virgin, or the window, or the light; I was thinking of my companion—so fair, and so devout.

She fixed her imploring eyes on the Virgin's face and on the saints; but all seemed to her to wear a forbidding look.

Were they to be driven out,—driven out this very day, when the Virgin had only just now seemed to promise her help and protection?

The print of steel-rimmed hoofs showed in the soft loam as plainly as a moccasin-track in virgin snow.


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