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[vahy-tuh, vee-; Latin wee-tah]
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noun, plural vi·tae [vahy-tee, vee-tahy; Latin wee-tahy] /ˈvaɪ ti, ˈvi taɪ; Latin ˈwi taɪ/.
  1. curriculum vitae(def 1).
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Also vi·tae [vahy-tee, vee-tahy] /ˈvaɪ ti, ˈvi taɪ/.

Origin of vita

1920–25; < Latin: life

integer vitae

[in-te-ger wee-tahy; English in-ti-jer vahy-tee, vee-tahy]
adjective Latin.
  1. blameless in life; innocent.
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curriculum vitae

[kuh-rik-yuh-luh m vahy-tee, vee-tahy; Latin koor-rik-oo-loo m wee-tahy]
noun, plural cur·ric·u·la vi·tae [kuh-rik-yuh-luh vahy-tee, vee-tahy; Latin koor-rik-oo-lah wee-tahy] /kəˈrɪk yə lə ˈvaɪ ti, ˈvi taɪ; Latin kurˈrɪk ʊˌlɑ ˈwi taɪ/.
  1. Also called vita, vitae. a brief biographical résumé of one's career and training, as prepared by a person applying for a job.
  2. (italics) Latin. the course of one's life or career.
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Origin of curriculum vitae

First recorded in 1900–05
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Related Words for vitae

essay, autobiography, account, memory, treatise, chronicle, journal, anecdote, life, reminiscence, note, recollection, diary, thesis, narrative, biography, sketch, review, chart, analysis

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noun plural vitae (ˈviːtaɪ, ˈvaɪtiː)
  1. US and Canadian a less common term for curriculum vitae
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Word Origin for vita

from Latin: life

curriculum vitae

noun plural curricula vitae
  1. an outline of a person's educational and professional history, usually prepared for job applicationsAbbreviation: CV
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Word Origin for curriculum vitae

Latin, literally: the course of one's life
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Word Origin and History for vitae

curriculum vitae


"brief account of one's life and work," 1902, from Latin curriculum vitae, literally "course of one's life" (see curriculum). Abbreviated c.v..

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plural vitae, Latin, literally "life" (see vital).

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