[ vlahk, vlak ]

  1. of or relating to Balkan Romance languages or their speakers.

Origin of Vlach

First recorded in 1840–45; from a South Slavic language, e.g., Bulgarian vlakh or Serbo-Croatian vlah, from Proto-Slavic volkhŭ (unattested) from Proto-Germanic walhaz (unattested) “stranger, foreigner, Roman, Romance speaker, Romanized Celt,” from Latin Volcae, the name of a Gallic tribal confederation of the 3rd century b.c., and the name of Celtic tribes in southwestern Gaul (modern France) near the Pyrenees, mentioned by Caesar in his Gallic Wars; cf. Welsh, Walloon

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Walach (ˈwɑːlɒk)

/ (vlɑːk) /

  1. a member of a people scattered throughout SE Europe in the early Middle Ages, speaking a Romanic dialect

  1. of or relating to Vlachs or their dialect

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