[ voi-did ]
/ ˈvɔɪ dɪd /


having a void.
having been made void: a voided contract.
having a section or area that has been cut out or omitted: a voided Greek cross.
Heraldry. (of a charge) depicted as if the center had been removed so as to leave only an outline: an inescutcheon voided.

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Origin of voided

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at void, -ed2

Related formsun·void·ed, adjective

Origin of void

1250–1300; (adj.) Middle English voide < Anglo-French, Old French < Vulgar Latin *vocīta, feminine of *vocītus, dissimilated variant of Latin vocīvus, itself variant of vac(ī)vus empty; see vacuum; (v.) Middle English voiden < Anglo-French voider, Old French < Vulgar Latin *vocītāre, derivative of *vocītus; (noun) derivative of the adj.

3, 4. See empty. 5. vacant, unoccupied. 8. vacuum.

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British Dictionary definitions for voided


/ (ˈvɔɪdɪd) /


heraldry (of a design) with a hole in the centre of the same shape as the designa voided lozenge
rare having a void or made void


/ (vɔɪd) /



verb (mainly tr)

Derived Formsvoider, nounvoidness, noun

Word Origin for void

C13: from Old French vuide, from Vulgar Latin vocītus (unattested), from Latin vacuus empty, from vacāre to be empty

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Medicine definitions for voided


[ void ]


To excrete body wastes.


Containing no matter; empty.

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see null and void.

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