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[vom-i-tawr-ee-uh m, -tohr-]
noun, plural vom·i·to·ri·a [vom-i-tawr-ee-uh, -tohr-] /ˌvɒm ɪˈtɔr i ə, -ˈtoʊr-/.
  1. vomitory(def 5).
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Origin of vomitorium

First recorded in 1745–55, vomitorium is from the Late Latin word vomitōrium
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Word Origin and History for vomitorium


1754, "passage or opening in an ancient amphitheater, leading to or from the seats," from Latin (Macrobius, Sat., VI.iv); see vomit. Erroneous meaning "place where ancient Romans (allegedly) deliberately vomited during feasts" is attested from 1923.

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